Even Superheroes Turn 30 Eventually...

My husband {MY very own Superman} has turned the BIG "THREE-OH"...and boy was he unhappy about it. The big 3-0 is a little depressing, I totally get that. Well, I can somewhat imagine it but I fail to completely grasp the concept since I'm just a baby at 28 myself. ;)

To cheer him up his mom and I came up with a SURPRISE party to welcome him to his thirties. It went very smooth and until the party he had no idea any of it was happening! Here are a few pictures of the invitations, centerpieces {made by me!} and happy birthday banner. Also, the cake and cake pops are pictured... they were both AMAZING! {Cake by Edda's Cake Designs and Pops by Krizia Arias.} Delicious!

Happy birthday to my best friend!! :)


Melissa LOVES Lucy (and Marty!)

For Melissa's bridal shower her maid of honor and bridesmaids came up with a unique theme -- "I Love Lucy!" because Melissa is a big fan of the show. The invites were a unique idea taking you back to the days of black and white television. These mini TVs were made out of deep red cardstock and had actual black buttons for the dials. Too adorable! The shower is coming up and soon I will post the menus and dessert table signs we are working on! Stay tuned for this one!


Annabella turns THREE!

Check out pictures of Annabella's My Little Pony birthday centerpieces and birthday banner. These were all made using different kinds of cardstocks in pink, purple, yellow and blue tones. All sorts of patterns, shades and textures (even glitter paper!!) gave these centerpieces the "magic" touch! Hope Annabella has a GREAT 3rd birthday!!


Luly's Baby Shower!

Sometimes even the most creative people need a little break from designing! For my cousin's baby shower {Nautical boy theme!} we went with a purchased design and I printed and assembled the invites on a navy cardstock mat. They came out adorable and I wanted to share with all of you!


Pam's Bridal Shower!

These adorable PICNIC themed bridal shower invites were the mother of the bride's idea. She planned the most detailed shower for her daughter Pam, bringing in touches of green and hot pink, gingham and flowered patterns and even vintage items from antique shops. Not to mention she ordered a picnic table especially for the event! I had to hold off on posting these because it was a surprise for the bride but now that the party has happened I can share these invites with all of you!


Dr. Garcia!

Recently a sorority sister of mine contacted me for her college graduation invites...This is her first big graduation and once she told me the background behind the big celebration I wanted these postcard invites to be even more special! She is graduating {as a DOCTOR!} from Nova Southeastern's College of Optometry this Spring and is ready to begin a whole new chapter in her life. Congrats to Chantel!