Get CANDIED away!

This weekend was Melissa's bridal shower! I've known her since high school and when she came to me for her candy buffet signs I couldn't be more excited. I knew this would be trendy, full of animal prints and very COLORFUL... My fav combo!

We came up with cute sayings to label the candy and used the zebra print and colors along with pictures of heels to bring the theme together. It looked amazing!

She had M&Ms (Mr. + Mrs.), chocolate-covered pretzels (Tie the KNOT!), gummy bears (BEARY much in love), bubble gum (BUBBLELICIOUS bride), mints (MINT to be) and sour rings (Put a RING on it!)... and then we made labels for the take out boxes with her name and the date. The whole buffet was enough to make anyone get "CANDIED" away! Congrats on your beautiful shower, Mel!!!