Even Superheroes Turn 30 Eventually...

My husband {MY very own Superman} has turned the BIG "THREE-OH"...and boy was he unhappy about it. The big 3-0 is a little depressing, I totally get that. Well, I can somewhat imagine it but I fail to completely grasp the concept since I'm just a baby at 28 myself. ;)

To cheer him up his mom and I came up with a SURPRISE party to welcome him to his thirties. It went very smooth and until the party he had no idea any of it was happening! Here are a few pictures of the invitations, centerpieces {made by me!} and happy birthday banner. Also, the cake and cake pops are pictured... they were both AMAZING! {Cake by Edda's Cake Designs and Pops by Krizia Arias.} Delicious!

Happy birthday to my best friend!! :)

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